As far back as the 1960s all Swiss cement factories (e.g. Holcim, Jura Cement, etc.) were equipped with Kissling gearboxes. Today, a lot of these original robust products are still in operation. Gradually these gearboxes have begun to be used around the world, and in particular in locations where machines and plants are exposed to extreme operating conditions or where downtime is extremely costly.

Vibration analysis and gearbox diagnostics

This longevity is helped by the fact that, as a recognised expert in gearbox diagnostics, Kissling has engineers that are in a position to provide detailed information about the state of its customers’ drive trains. In addition to the condition of the gears, the bearings inside the box and the motor can also be analysed.

A wide frequency range in the sensors, combined with sophisticated analysing software allows for very detailed status reports. With this system no trend analysis is necessary. If the unit is not a Kissling brand, it is important to know the pre-installed kinematics (e.g. number of teeth, type of bearings).