Power Developments International FZCO (PDI), part of the Al Masaood Group, has announced that they now have available three refurbished and warranted frame 6 gas turbine generator packages. All three units are solely owned by PDI and are currently in the advanced stage of full refurbishment at their facilities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Scope of supply summary for each package

Refurbished model frame 6 single shaft, heavy-duty industrial gas turbine, packaged for outdoor operation.

Mechanical equipment and systems:

  • Diesel engine starting system
  • Duel fuel combustion system
  • Lube, hydraulic and trip oil system
  • CO2 fire protection system
  • Enclosure and walkways (for both the turbine and generator)
  • Load gear and couplings
  • Air inlet system
  • Exhaust system
  • Cooling water system
  • Exhaust frame cooling

Electrical equipment and systems:

  • Air cooled generator – packaged for outdoor operation
  • Generator accessory compartment (GAC)
  • Control cab
  • Air-conditioned local control cab, containing the LV power, control and protection equipment for the gas turbine generator
  • Batteries
  • Field instrumentation

Miscellaneous equipment and services:

  • Foundation loading data and hardware

Refurbishment work summary

All three gas turbines are presently being refurbished in the Dubai workshop using new high-temperature capital parts, new control systems and new exhaust systems. In addition, gas turbine units A and B have completely new turbine shell casings.

Full gas turbine generator details

To receive full technical and commercial details regarding the Packages available, please contact PDI. PDI will then issue a full proposal detailing the full GTG scope of supply, refurbishment work being carried out, delivery schedule and pricing.

PDI appreciates that clients may want a turnkey project and therefore they can provide the necessary technical expertise to carry out this task. The utilization of refurbished and warranted gas turbine generator packages enable PDI to provide complete turnkey power plants for a significant cost saving compared to new plant. This substantial saving, coupled with the clients’ peace of mind that all power equipment supplied is under similar warranty as new equipment, has created significant interest worldwide.