Steelcon has completed the installation of a 90m high steel chimney at a glass manufacturing plant in Thailand.

The double wall construction has an insulated stainless steel inner liner to carry the exhaust gases at temperatures up to 580oC with a design limit of 620oC. The outer structural shell has a surface treatment chosen to cope with the local environmental conditions according to EN12944-5 Class 5M.

The chimney is mounted on a concrete platform, allowing the low-level duct from the furnace to enter through the base of the chimney.

The ducting, also delivered by Steelcon, is made from stainless steel with fabric expansion compensators and complete with guillotine blade and flue gas isolation valves, which will ultimately allow the exhaust gases to flow through a heat recovery system.

The complete chimney and duct system, which includes aircraft warning lights, ladders and platforms, was designed and constructed by Steelcon according to EN Codes with a design life of 50 years. Our experienced team of riggers erected the chimney and complete duct system in four weeks.

The Steelcon Tuned Mass Damper fitted at the chimney terminal controls chimney oscillations either self-induced or caused by buffeting from other tall cylindrical structures in the vicinity.