Wärtsilä, a leading global supplier of flexible and efficient power plant solutions, has been contracted to supply a combustion gas engine baseload power plant to Indonesia. The PLTMG Duri plant is to be located in Indonesia’s Riau province, and when operational, it will supply 113MW of electricity to the regional grid. The order was received in the second quarter of 2012.

Wärtsilä’s scope of supply for the new power plant includes seven Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines, as well as associated auxiliaries and engineering services. The engines will operate primarily on natural gas but can be switched to run on light fuel oil if necessary. Delivery of the equipment is scheduled for this year, with the plant expected to be commissioned during the first quarter of 2013.

The PLTMG Duri plant will be operated by the state-owned utility, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara, and is being built by PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the country’s largest construction companies. The two companies also co-operated in the construction of the Sei Gelam project, which was Indonesia’s first gas engine peaking power plant, and which also runs on Wärtsilä gas engines.
"We are very happy to be working again with Wärtsilä on this project. The company provides high quality generating equipment that is both reliable and highly efficient, and moreover Wärtsilä has proven that it is able to meet our demanding scheduling requirements," says Mr Taufiq Aria of PT PP (Persero),Tbk.

"This is a fast-track project, and Wärtsilä’s ability to deliver the high efficiency dual-fuel generating sets at short notice was an important consideration in the award of this valuable contract. However, the long term benefits that the Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation solution offers, notably the very high simple cycle efficiency, the fast start-up and loading capability, as well as the high availability made possible by the multi-unit configuration, were the main factors," said Sushil Purohit, regional director, Wärtsilä Power Plants in South East Asia and Australia.

Wärtsilä has a strong presence in Indonesia having already supplied some 2.8GW of installed power to the country.

Smart Power Generation

Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation is a unique combination of features offering excellent operational flexibility, high efficiency and fuel flexibility, together with low emissions and proven long-term reliability. These features make Wärtsilä power plants suitable for a number of different power system functions. Such applications range from stationary and floating baseload power plants, to dynamic grid stability and peaking services, as well as a wide variety of industrial self-generation applications.