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AMS Manufactures Analysers and Systems for Process and Combustion Applications

Process operators must have access to many sensors of various importances to control and monitor manufacturing processes. Plant networks allow other personnel access to the same readouts and signals in order to supervise manufacturing processes. These kinds of networks are aimed at an optimum use of human resources and technology. Remote service and control of analysers, using the expertise and product knowledge of an external service engineer, would do just that: optimise the use of human resources and technology.

Remote service and control is today a standard tool in continuous emission monitoring systems especially in data processing and management systems. The data processed and stored in these systems is simply too important and sensitive to be left without supervision.

To assist customers monitoring their processes AMS has developed a new software tool, the AMS Remote service and control program, which allows easy and efficient online access to AMS process analysers wherever they may operate. The key to link up the analysers with the access computer is via wireless Ethernet. The smart move is that the computer firewall does not have to be touched. The AMS Remote service and control software offers features such as parameter readout, display of gas flow and various other important values, display and change of analyser parameters, execution and control of Zero- and Span calibration. Together the system operator and its counterpart at AMS Service in Dielheim, Germany, can evaluate the parameter readings and coordinate necessary actions, making optimum use of human resources and technology.

For more information about AMS Remote service and control visit the AMS website.

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