Analysen-, Mess- und Systemtechnik (AMS) offers customers high-quality process gas analysers for a broad range of applications:

  • Wobbe Index (WI) analysers for air demand, specific gravity and calorific value of fuel gases
  • In-situ flue gas probes for oxygen and for carbon monoxide (CO) in stack gases
  • Thermal conductivity analysers – not only conventional hydrogen analysers but also a new technology for multi-component analysis
  • Trace oxygen analysers for high-purity gases and process gas applications, based on a variety of sensor principles (electrochemical sensors, zirconia-based and catalytically inactive sensors and paramagnetic measuring cells) to offer the best suitable for your application

Most analysers are available with TUEV approval and/or an ATEX certificate for installations in zone 1 or zone 2 classified areas.

Analysers for Wobbe Index and calorific value of fuel gases

The RHADOX™ analysers provide fast measurement of air demand for the complete and safe burning of gaseous fuels, WI and the specific gravity and lower calorific value (LCV) of gaseous fuels. Key features of the analysers:

  • Instruments are independent from the ambient temperature, therefore, no calorimeter-room is necessary
  • Fast response with a few second T90-time lag
  • Specific gravity metre can be integrated if the measurement of LCV is required
  • Use of the flameless catalytic converter makes it possible to measure very widely varying gases and also those with extremely low LCV
  • ATEX certified for installation in classified areas

Main analyser applications include the fast-forward control of burners fed with natural gas, with gases from blast furnaces, steel converters or coke ovens, or fired with off-spec gases from chemical and petrochemical production.

The RHADOX 3000 analyser for Wobbe Index, air demand, specific gravity and LCV, certified to ATEX 3G IIB+H<span class="sub">2</span> T4.
AMS' in-situ flue gas probe for O<span class="sub">2</span> or for O<span class="sub">2</span> and CO<span class="sub">-e</span> measurement, certified to ATEX 2G IIB+H<span class="sub">2</span> T3.
A multi-component thermal conductivity analyser, FTTC 1100, certified to ATEX 2G IIC T4.
AMS 3110, a portable trace oxygen analyser, certified to ATEX 2G IIC T5.

In-situ probes for O2 and CO-e for burner efficiency

We offer analysers, either as in-situ probes or semi-extractive systems, which provide the direct and fast measurement of oxygen in flue gases or the combined measurement of O2 and CO respectively.

The probes have a special design for ease of maintenance and sensor exchange, and very high temperatures (up to 1,750°C / 3,200°F), and are made with materials that can withstand highly corrosive gases (HCl and SO3).

The QAL-1 certificated oxygen probes are TUEV approved for large power plant boilers, industrial boilers and waste incinerators. All probes are also available in ATEX-certified versions for installation in zone 1 and zone 2 classified areas.

Our in-situ probes are used for the monitoring and control of boilers for a safe and complete combustion and to improve boiler efficiency. Special applications include humidity concentration either in flue gases or other atmospheres.

Thermal conductivity analysers

Our thermal conductivity analyser comes in the classical version for binary gas mixtures and for the analysis of hydrogen in other gases. A specialty is our patented multi-component analyser with thermally modulated sensor and Fourier analysis of the sensor signal.

The analyser’s sensor has an extremely fast response due to its very low thermal mass. The thermal modulation of the sensor membrane thereby performs a three to four component analysis.

Available in an ATEX-certified version for installation in zone 1 classified areas, the analyser’s main applications are the measurement of H2, CH4, CO2 in other gases; the measurement of H2, CO2 and air in the cooling gas of turbine generators; the monitoring of complex gas mixtures such as natural gas, landfill gas or similar bio-gas applications.

Trace oxygen analysers for industrial / process gas monitoring

AMS makes a series of trace oxygen analysers, based either on electrochemical micro-fuel cells, a ZrO2-sensor with classical Pt-electrodes or with catalytically inactive electrodes. For the purity of oxygen, we offer the PAROX analyser with a special paramagnetic sensor.

A variety of sensor principles and materials ensure the selection of the best trace oxygen analyser for your application. We offer thermostatted sensors for low noise and applications below 1ppm, as well as portable and ATEX-certified versions.

Our analysers can be used to monitor the purity of nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, ethylene and oxygen, as well as the impurities of hydrogen in nitrogen or oxygen. They can also be used to monitor oxygen levels in natural gas pipelines, the atmosphere in automatic soldering, and heat treatment or welding atmospheres.