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AMS Twin Sensor Probe Offers Simultaneous Measurement of O2 and Unburnt Fuel Residues

AMS Analysen-, Mess- und Systemtechnik manufactures analysers and systems for process and combustion applications. To allow the best possible combustion of gaseous fuels at the highest possible efficiency, AMS offers the simultaneous measurement of O2 and unburnt fuel residues (measured as CO-equivalent or CO-e) with the Twin sensor probe.

CO-e is comprised mainly of CO, H2 and CxHy. The AMS Twin-probe resembles the standard in-situ probe in terms of measures and installation. Reference and standard gas are supplied to the sensors via integrated tubes. The AMS Twin-probe is available for standard applications up to 350°C and for high-temperature applications up to 1,100°C. For high dust or wet applications the probe can be fitted with back purge or with a heated flange. The design of the probe conforms to ATEX regulations and is certified for use in ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2.

For more information about the AMS Twin sensor probe visit the AMS website.

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