Meggitt has released VibroSight® software, a total monitoring solution for turbines, critical machinery and balance-of-plant equipment, following installation and extensive field usage over several pilot projects in gas turbine power plants worldwide.

The highly integrated software suite flags critical events and monitors machinery health, enabling the predictive methodologies that help operators make informed decisions about asset management and maintenance, and improve the availability and reliability of machinery.

VibroSight works with Meggitt’s entire range of monitoring systems and accepts data from all types of sensors. The easy-to-use software allows the user to configure, trend and analyse data from VibroSmart®, VM600 or a hybrid centralised and distributed monitoring system.

It can process data from a single compact system or thousands of parameters across a network of several plants to provide fleet-wide asset management. An open architecture makes it easy to expand the system and integrate additional data with existing monitoring functions.

VibroSight visualises vibration, combustion and performance monitoring data from gas, steam and hydro power generation turbines and other critical rotating assets.

Live data and historical trends can be viewed and analysed from graphical interfaces and plots, from the server location or remotely accessed via a PC.

Continuous data acquisition offers seamless monitoring of even short events and configurable data-logging rules enable users to ensure they are not overwhelmed by data.

Application-specific packages monitor gas turbine combustion and hydroelectric generator air gap. The full suite of visualisation tools includes static (bar chart, bode, correlation, polar, shaft centreline, table and trend) and dynamic (orbit, spectrogram, spectrum, full spectrum, waterfall / cascade, full waterfall / cascade and waveform) plots.