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Continuous Stack-Monitoring Systems

7 Park Lake Road,
Suite 9,
NJ 07871 Other,
United States of America

7 Park Lake Road,
Suite 9,
NJ 07871 Other,
United States of America

Trace Environmental Systems is the industry leader in providing turnkey continuous emission monitoring solutions for stacks, as well as data acquisition and reporting software (DAS). Trace is a fully integrated company providing monitoring systems, DAHS reporting software and ongoing support services to ensure long-term, trouble-free compliance.

Our systems satisfy greenhouse-gas emissions rules (GHG Rule) in addition to federal and state source permitting requirements. Parameters monitored include NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, total hydrocarbons (THC), opacity, stack flow and others.

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) and predictive emissions monitoring (PEM) systems

Since 1995, Trace has been providing complete systems for many different industries. We are the only system provider that offers both CEMs and PEMs and we can provide a truly objective monitoring solution.

We are prominent in industries such as biomass power (wood and biomass boilers), wastewater treatment plants (fluidized-bed incinerators and multiple hearth incinerators), municipal solid-waste plants (trash to energy), biofuel plants (ethanol), power plants (cogen, boilers, CHP and utilities) and petro-chemical refineries and marketing terminals.

Trace also has many clients in the chemical industry. Our CEM system can be used in walk-in, climate-controlled shelters suitable for harsh environments, including explosion-proof areas.

CEM and PEM data acquisition and reporting software

Our DAS 2000 monitoring and reporting software is the direct result of over 14 years of applied knowledge, expertise and experience. Knowledgeable CEM and PEM experts look upon DAS 2000 as the most reliable and easy to use CEM software in the industry.

In addition to our guarantees of full compliance with state and federal reporting requirements (part 60 and part 75), DAS 2000 enables users to have quick and easy access to their data. Plant personnel need not spend countless hours trying to figure out how to work with or optimize DAS 2000. Nor is time wasted on endless attempts to access and review data.

DAS 2000 has the ability to communicate with various PLCs (Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens and others) as well as with data loggers (ESC 8832, 8816, H2NS, etc). This means that software replacements are trouble-free because we can work in parallel with the existing software while the change-out process occurs — ensuring no lost operating time or data.

Due to the ease of use of DAS 2000, operators and engineers quickly master the intuitive layout of the data and system set-up. Combined with the automated data-handling routines, this means more time for plant personnel to focus on other tasks at the plant.

Support for CEM and PEM equipment

Trace Environmental has made a firm, long-term commitment to its clients by investing in top-quality service professionals to provide complete support for our installed systems and software. We provide both on-site and remote services to fully support our clients.

Knowing the many responsibilities you have in running and operating your plant, our support programs enable you to remain focused on your core responsibilities while ensuring your CEM and software remain in good working order and in complete compliance.

Trace offers both scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and support.

Scheduled support for CEM and PEM equipment

Our scheduled support for CEM and PEM equipment includes:

  • Monthly or quarterly on-site system PM and check-out
  • Quarterly cylinder gas audits
  • Quarterly linearity checks
  • Calibration error checks
  • Replacement of consumable spare parts
  • Annual RATA
  • Phone and modem support
  • Generation of state and federal reports

Unscheduled support for CEM and PEM equipment

Our unscheduled support for CEM and PEM equipment includes:

  • System evaluation and diagnosing of problem
  • Analyzer and component repair – on location and off-site
  • Analyzer and component replacement as needed
  • Overnight availability of components and parts

We can guarantee a quick response, because our technicians are based throughout the US.

Regulatory support for CEM and PEM equipment

Our regulatory support for CEM and PEM equipment includes:

  • Permit review and evaluation
  • Preparation of monitoring plans
  • Preparation of system and rata protocols
  • Preparation of rata test result reports
  • Preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual CEM reports

Trace Environmental CEMs and DAS – The Biomass Market Leader

With over 44 biomass partner facilities that Trace Environmental is working with, and with over 63 bio-fuel production client facilities, it would be easy for the company to sit back and rest on that success. However, the market leader in both industries continues to innovate and provide new prod

Trace Environmental Systems, Inc.

7 Park Lake Road

Suite 9


NJ 07871


United States of America