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Trace Environmental CEMs and DAS – The Biomass Market Leader

With over 44 biomass partner facilities that Trace Environmental is working with, and with over 63 bio-fuel production client facilities, it would be easy for the company to sit back and rest on that success. However, the market leader in both industries continues to innovate and provide new product and service offerings to clients throughout the US.

The beginning

Trace began operations in 1995 by providing turnkey CEM system and reporting software. With engineers with disciplines in process control and SCADA software development and engineers specializing in environmental and regulatory compliance, Trace from the outset had its own data acquisition and handling software (DAHS). And with its in-house engineers and technicians fabricating the hardware portion of the CEMs, Trace became the leader in providing complete, turnkey CEM systems in very short order.

The CEM system

Using the very best in class components, Trace designs, fabricates, shop tests and deploys complete systems. The Trace turnkey approach includes generating monitoring plans and protocols, installation of the systems, commissioning and training of plant personnel, performing the RATA, and providing ongoing support services, including generating the required emissions reports. Trace offers both direct extractive and dilution extractive systems to ensure maximum uptime and reliability regardless of the severity of the application. And with the Trace DAS 2000 software, clients can have a single PC station or multiple stations over local or wide area networks.

Continued progress

Stack flow meter: the Trace CEMs Flow 500 is a very reliable and fully compliant stack flow meter. The Trace design enables it to be installed in the most challenging of applications while continuing to provide reliable and accurate flow readings. The flowmeter is available from stock and is fully compliant with the requirements of Performance Specification 6 (PS-6).

Temporary / rental CEMs: Trace has assembled a complete CEM system, including PC and DAHS software, within a brand new climate-controlled shelter on wheels. We deploy the system to those facilities needing to temporarily monitor their source(s) for time periods ranging from a day to several months. Trace deploys the system and installs it and fully commissions it and because the PC has built-in wireless modem, our engineers are able to perform daily checks and can print out reports for plant personnel.

Trace has a number of ongoing projects and with the highest quality CEM systems along with the state-of-the-art DAHS software and a team of field support engineers and technicians, Trace is poised to be the market leader for many years to come.