In 3.5 days, Belman designed, produced, and installed a DN 1400 clamshell bellow for a German steel plant facility, which had a critical situation from a leaking bellow.

The installation of the clamshell bellow was completed by Belman’s experienced on-site service team, consisting of specialised welders.

As soon as the clamshell bellow was produced in record time, the welding team travelled to the steel plant to ensure a smooth and quick repair.

Clamshell bellows are the best solution when a quick and unexpected replacement of the bellow is necessary. Clamshell bellows are a two-piece bellow, which is welded to the existing unit. With this efficient and quick clamshell bellow solution, the steel plant can now operate until the next scheduled shutdown.

The steel plant was very satisfied with this solution and with the rapid delivery of the repair works.