Many of the more than 175,000 projects completed by Belman since 1994 involve simple expansion joint designs – in both small, as well as larger quantities.

The reason why so many clients choose Belman for their simple axial, lateral, angular, universal, and exhaust expansion joint designs, as well as their own customised simple designs, is due to our high and consistent product quality and experience of Belman. All solutions from Belman are always delivered according to client requirements and with the necessary documentation.

Clients are very satisfied with the expansion joint quality

The level of high quality and consistency was confirmed through a recent customer satisfaction survey. This survey showed that 92% of our clients were very satisfied with the quality of Belman’s expansion joints and that 90% of our clients are convinced to a very high degree that Belman delivers consistent product quality.

We will be glad to assist you with any technical questions, enquiries and to offer our expert advice on your expansion joint requirements.