Also a new compensator in the range of products – designed and manufactured by Belman Production A/S.

High pressure pump connectors are chosen when vibrations, stress and noise in the pipeline and the installations are to be reduced. The flexible bellow and the rubber elements, at the tie rods, ensure maximum reduction of vibration and maximum noise reduction. The built-in length is the same as the built-in length of a rubber compensator.

The advantages of high pressure pump connectors are that they opposite rubber compensators are resistant towards ageing, high temperatures, UV-radiation and most aggressive medias. Likewise they increase the dependability and the comfort. High pressure pump connectors significantly prolong the service life of the pipeline and connected equipment. Furthermore the tie rods ensures minimum fixation of pipeline and equipment.

High pressure pump connectors are supplied to many different applications like: Pumps, compressors, engines, burners, house installations and industrial installations. Likewise heating-, climate-, ventilation- and heat recovery installations, gas-, water-, and sewage treatment plants.