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District Heating Compensators

Also a new product from Belman!

Belman has designed and manufactured a new type of district heating expansion joints, who’s highly flexible, bellow ensure absorption of large axial movements. The internal inner sleeve contributes stability into the compensator, while the integrated torsion safe guard and the limiter in the protective casing protect the bellow from unintended loads. In that way a long service life is achieved.

The district heating compensators are delivered pre-stressed, prepared for pre-isolated pipes and installation with a welding machine is allowed.

The expansion joints are as standard designed for operating pressure of 10-25 bar and temperatures up to 150 degrees. The welding ends are minimum 150 mm long. Other design parametres are available on request.

Applications are among others district heating systems, power plants and district heating pipelines.

More information about district heating expansion joints can be seen from our website.

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