Also designed and supplied from Belman Production A/S.

Lens compensators are often a customer requirement as the customer could require a single layer bellow. If the thickness of material of the single layer bellows is more than 4mm, it is not possible to supply a normally manufactured bellow. In this case a lens compensator is the solution. Normally the difficulty with the material thickness is solved by supplying a multi layer bellow, but in some cases this is not accepted by the customer.

The application for this kind of compensator is all industries that use pressurized equipment, heat exchangers etc. where higher pressure and higher temperature require higher thickness of material.

Lens compensators are supplied as a half convolution, a convolution or as a bellow. According to the customers requirements these are either supplied welded together or they are welded together on site.
The compensators are supplied in both stainless steel and carbon steel and in the dimension area 4mm-8mm. Outer diameter is maximum 5,000mm and for larger diameters the lens compensator is supplied in segments.

The advantages of this kind of compensator are that a higher thickness of material is possible, higher convolutions are also possible and furthermore the customer requirement of a single layer bellow are meet even though the thickness of material is higher.

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