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Flexible Hose Assemblies, Fabrications and Machined Components

FTL manufactures and supplies flexible hose assemblies, fabrications and machined components.

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FTL manufactures and supplies flexible hose assemblies, fabrications and machined components.

Unbraided flexible hose assembly

FTL manufactures all of its unbraided flexible hoses in its two dedicated manufacturing cells at its warehouse in Yorkshire, UK. With the ability to manufacture 100,000 flexible hoses a week, and with ten custom-made welding lathes and two manual welding bays, FTL has the resources to complete any custom order on-time and to a high standard.

Each unbraided flexible hose assembly is manufactured to BS6501 standards, as well as specific industry standards, and the end fittings can be produced according to installation requirements.

Braided flexible hose assembly

Braided flexible hoses have been the core business of FTL since 1966, and while the company has branched out to supply low- and high-volume flexible hoses to oil and gas, defence, power, heating and ventilation, and semi-conductor industries, FTL’s welders continue to produce them at the company’s own warehouse.

All unbraided flexible hoses are manufactured at FTL's own facilities in Yorkshire, UK.
FTL's braided flexible hoses are produced in low-volume or high-volume types to suit a range of industry applications.
FTL's vast warehouse of tools and machinery can produce customised, small batches and large-scale production of machined parts.
Fabrications can be made from carbon or stainless-steel material.
FTL's cooling coils are appropriate for indirect, direct and process cooling.

In addition to manufacture, FTL can also provide clients with consultancy services in the concept, design, cost-reduction and CIP activities for their braided flexible hoses.

Hoses can be manufactured from between 1/8in to 10in diameter flexible steel, with adjoining stripwound measuring between 4mm and 300mm. Each hose can be manufactured to different industry standards, or even according to specific fittings given by the client. Corrugated metal hoses are manufactured according to BS6501 pt1:200 to meet all industry standards.

Sometimes braided flexible hoses are used in environments where vibration pollution is inescapable. For this, FTL provides vibration eliminators for all braided flexible hoses measuring 1/4in to 4 1/8in stainless-steel diameter hoses. Vibration eliminators can also be supplied for corrugated and core hoses too.

Customised machined parts

FTL’s warehouse also contains a dedicated machine shop, with ten computer numerical control (CNC) machines, five multi-spindle machines, three manual turning lathes, and drilling, milling and cutting facilities, to complete any order a client requests. Whether it is a large-scale production or small batch work, FTL’s welders can manufacture any kind of nuts, nipples and adaptors.

Manufactured parts are machined according to ACME, Whitworth or SAE standards, depending on customer requirements, and final touches such as plating, powder coating and galvanised finishes can also be added to the parts.


For many businesses, it is important to keep costs low and ensure machinery performs at its best for the longest duration possible. FTL can supply customised fabrications for a range of industry applications, whether it is for repairs, maintenance work, customised machines or even older models no longer in production. The company’s warehouse can produce fabrications using carbon and stainless-steel raw materials from 1/2in to 12in in thickness. Common fabrications include:

  • Strainers
  • Metre brackets
  • Laser cut parts
  • Fabricated pipework

FTL’s welders can also add a range of finishes to the fabrications, including galvanised, powder-coating and plated, to the fabrications to extend the life performance of the part.

Cooling coils

FTL manufactures cooling coils in stainless-steel hose form due to its large surface area. Coils can be manufactured between 1/4in to 1in in diameter, for indirect and direct process cooling; these are particularly well-suited for the chemicals and steel industries.


  • Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm

    The Humber Gateway offshore wind farm is located approximately 8km off the Holderness coast, north of the mouth of the River Humber in East Yorkshire.

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