Protection of Steel Flange Against Sulphuric Acid – Solution: Lining with Special PTFE Foil

In cooperation with one of our customers, a specialist engineering company in the flue gas cleaning field, KE-Burgmann has developed a special lining material to act as protection of a steel flange against nearly 98 percent pure sulphuric acid and 260 degrees Celsius.

When using this special lining material, the flange can be made from a very simple steel quality, as the lining protects it from contact with the acid. No corrosion!

We developed this high strength PTFE lining material on the basis of several tests, including tightness tests to ensure that the material is 100 percent leakproof, and the material has now shown its durability in use with success.

In addition, we have supplied a fabric expansion joint to the location connecting the flange and the duct system.

This expansion joint is a FLUACHEM(r) type FCA, a special type with extra PTFE protection on the inside, developed in close cooperation with our customer, in order to add strength and resistance of the material. Both the flange lining and the expansion joint are pressure tested for tightness before installation.

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