Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Long-Term Commitment to Helping Tsunami-Children

KE-Burgmann Flexibles India, a subsidiary of KE-Burgmann A/S, understands the true meaning of corporate social responsibility. For the past year or so, they have been taking care of 15 children, who were all affected by the disaster of the Tsunami in the region in 2004.

The children are between the ages of 5 and 15 years, and KE-Burgmann Flexibles India is making sure that the children go to school by paying for their school fees, their uniforms, school books and notebooks.

Besides ensuring their education, and thereby their future, KE-Burgmann Flexibles India also makes sure that the families are able to survive here and now! Every three months they distribute a food package to every family, consisting of:

  • 20 kgs of rice
  • 2 x 5 kgs of pulses
  • 2 kgs of sugar
  • 2 kgs of cooking oil
  • 1kg of a health drink

The local Rotarians in Chennai, India are kindly lending assistance to KE-Burgmann Flexibles India and are helping them organize the food distribution and coordination of the school support. The support to these children will continue until they have finished their secondary education, and may even extend into college, if needed.

For further information please contact D. Lahiri at KE-Burgmann Flexibles India

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