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KE-Burgmann Expands Product Portfolio

On 1st August 2009 KE-Burgmann of Denmark, a subsidiary of the EagleBurgmann Group, acquired 100% ownership of American company Expansion Joint Systems (EJS Inc.) based in Santee, California. KE-Burgmann has been among the world’s leading producers of fabric, metal and rubber expansion joints for decades, and this acquisition will considerably expand and strengthen its product portfolio.

EJS was established in 1984 and, with its 70 employees, is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of highly engineered metal expansion joints. The company has a market share of 35% in this field in the US and Canada, in which two countries around 85% of its annual turnover (2008: over $20 million) is generated. EJS will be known as KE-Burgmann EJS in the future. With this acquisition KE-Burgmann underlines its growth strategy in this high-end segment.

At its premises comprising of almost 7,000m² of production and office space, EJS manufactures top-grade, technically sophisticated metal expansion joints which are very much in demand in the oil/gas and petrochemical industries, for example in the conveyance of very high temperatures in the fields of styrene processing or in highly abrasive media as catalytic cracking plants (FCCU fluid catalytic cracking/CCRU continuous catalytic cracking units). The company’s excellent standing in this respect is reflected in its status as one of just four expansion joint producers on United Oil Processes’ (UOP) schedule of preferred suppliers for these processes. UOP is one of the world’s largest providers of process technology and services to refineries and the petrochemical industry.

EJS is a member of the internationally recognised organisation Expansion Joint Manufacturer Association (EJMA), a body responsible for the standards and design criteria to which expansion joints are subject. Furthermore, the company is American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)-certified in accordance with Section VIII, Division 1 and a certified European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)-compliant manufacturer. Important US-based customers including Exxon, Mobil Oil, Chevron or Shell trust in the high product quality and expertise guaranteed by EJS.

KE-Burgmann EJS will also be operating in the future with EJS founder Neville Barber as general manager. Peter Nielsen, CEO of the KE-Burgmann Group, said: “This acquisition has considerably boosted our chances and growth potential in the booming oil/gas and petrochemicals markets such as those in the US or Middle East. Our combined engineering and production know-how together with our strong service orientation will significantly strengthen our position as the most versatile manufacturer in the global expansion joint market.” The new and old general manager of KE-Burgmann EJS, Neville Barber, added: “Seeing as EJS has mainly been active in the US and Canada up to now, the Eagle Burgmann Group’s tightly-knit, worldwide sales and distribution network will make for major synergies and significant potential which we will greatly benefit from.”

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