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Changi Water Reclamation plant

KE-Burgmann Singapore has delivered 293 pcs. of metal expansion joints to the Changi Water Reclamation plant (C3C) in Singapore.

The Changi Water Reclamation plant treats used water to a high standard, cleaning it so well that it may be reused as clean water. The plant has a treatment capacity of 176 million gallons per day.

How is the treatment achieved?

• Pumping stations pump up the used water to the plant

• The water is separated from solids

• Part of the water is re-used at the plant

• Treated water is dispersed 5 km out at sea (Straits of Singapore)

• Solids are transformed into biologically stable products that can be used as fertilisers for plants.

The metal expansion joints were made from AISI 316L, both bellows and flanges, and dimensions ranged from DN100 (NB 4″) to DN1600 (NB 64″). 140 pcs. were installed on the foul air piping, 33 pcs. were installed on the air outlet ducting, and 112 pcs. were installed in the areation system.

The bellows were supplied from KE-Burgmann Bredan A/S, Denmark, and KE-Burgmann Singapore made the assembly and the pressure testing.

The client was a Singapore engineering company, and the client’s QC Manager as well as a 3rd party representative (OGT) came to the works of KE-Burgmann Singapore to inspect the finished metal expansion joints before delivery. Delivery of all 293 pcs. was effected over the period of June 2004 – January 2005.

KE-Burgmann Singapore Pte. Ltd. is as 100% owned subsidiary of KE-Burgmann A/S, who has more than 40 years of experience with fabric, rubber and metal expansion joints. KE-Burgmann is part of the international Burgmann Industries group of companies, which is owned by the German Freudenberg & Co in cooperation with the Japanese Eagle Industry.

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