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Fire Testing Approval of Rubber Expansion Joints for Marine and Offshore

KE-Burgmann Vejen has successfully tested our KE-Masterflex® rubber expansion joints, D-types from DN 20 up to DN 900 (NB 0.8″ up to NB 35″) for the requirements needed in order to be approved for use in the marine and offshore sectors. Bureau Veritas was the international approving body.

The tests included:

• a burst test at 5x16BarG (5×232 psi)

• a pressure impulse (life cycle) test of 500,000 cycles at pressures from zero up to 24 BarG (348 psi)

• a vibrations test, continuous for 70 hours, tested at three different herz volumes

• a fire test, where the rubber expansion joint was exposed to 800°C (1472°F) for 30 min., with 82°C (179.6°F) hot water through the rubber joint, at a pressure of 16 BarG (232 psi)

The tests were successfully completed and KE-Masterflex® was approved. The test certificate is called:

Certificate of Type Approval

for Non-Metallic Expansion Joints / Bellows,

KE-Masterflex® Type D.

by Bureau Veritas, according to the Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships.

KE-Burgmann A/S has more than 40 years of experience with expansion joints, both fabric, rubber and metal. KE-Burgmann is part of the international Burgmann Industries group of companies, which is owned by the German Freudenberg & Co in cooperation with the Japanese Eagle Industry.

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