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NEW: Introducing the intelligent Expansion Joint

KE-Burgmann Vejen, DK presents a novelty in the industry: The Intelligent Expansion Joint Concept!

For a long period KE-Burgmann DK has been developing and improving on a new concept: how to monitor and control the performance of expansion joints, and transmit data automatically and electronically.The expansion joint is connected through thermocouples to an electronic box, which collects data on site – f.ex. on the temperature – and these data are transmitted via the GSM net to a main computer in Vejen. The main computer collects and stores data, which can be logged (collected) at the desired intervals, for example from a gas turbine expansion joint. The box can be programmed to send an alarm, if the temperature of the measuring points increases above a pre-determined limit.

This alarm will be sent not only to the main computer, but may also be sent to any GSM mobile telephone all over the world! You can also send a request from your own GSM mobile telephone to the box, and request information on alarm settings. If you are in for example India, and send a request to Denmark, the signal/answer is returned in less than eight seconds! You may also activate the box directly from your mobile telephone and correct logging intervals and alarm settings.

The Intelligent Expansion Joint concept is designed to monitor critical applications, where an early warning of problems is desirable, in order that you may take measures in time to prevent a break-down and subsequent shut-down of the plant.

For further information, please contact Uffe Toft at KE-Burgmann A/S, Park Allé 34,Vejen, Denmark.

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