Field System Machining Completes On-Site Machining Repair of Damaged Industrial Fan Journal

Industrial fans play a major role in building climate control. Without being able to move chilled air through large commercial buildings or being able to move hot air out of the building, unbearable climate situations occur. Recently we were called upon by a long-time HVAC contractor customer to handle the on-site machining repair of an industrial fan journal that was damaged. Our emergency machining fan shaft repairs allowed the students of this City College to be able to concentrate during summer session.

We spun the shaft at a low rpm using an FSM hydraulic drive motor and customized support fixture and machined a sleeve pocket using a single point tool. We then sleeved the journal pocket and the fan shaft journal was restored to the OEM dimension, allowing the use of the standard bearings. Field System Machining has performed on-site machining and fan shaft repair since 1978.

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