Ahlstrom-Munksjö has introduced a new product for its HighFlow platform.

HighFlow Marine glass and carbon fibre reinforcement fabrics are ideally positioned for the marine industry. HighFlow fabric delivers excellent resin infusion speed and minimises air voids in the structure, making the manufacturing process faster and more effective.

“We have seen manufacturers moving from open mould to closed mould processes. HighFlow platform is our response to the industry change. It delivers unrivalled resin infusion speed, minimises air voids and reduces costs by up to 15%,” states Pekka Helynranta, VP Building and Wind. “We believe that this new fabric will become the product of choice in vacuum infusion processes.”

HighFlow Marine is the second product launch from the HighFlow platform, a range of high-performance reinforcement fabrics designed to deliver unrivalled performance for manufacturing lightweight composite materials. We have the expertise to develop reinforcement fabrics with customised infusion speeds, without limitation of fabric construction or weight.

“Our glass and carbon fibre HighFlow products open up clear opportunities in marine, but also in other composite applications where improved and tailor-made resin infusibility constitutes a clear benefit. We are already exploring additional applications outside of existing Wind Energy and Marine markets,” says Pekka.

The HighFlow Marine product range consists of several unidirectional and biaxial reinforcement fabrics, with various infusion speeds for marine manufacturing. They are currently available in both glass fibre and carbon fibre versions.