Ahlstrom-Munksjö will present its wide-ranging filtration portfolio for its engine and industrial end applications at the FILTECH 2018 event taking place between 13-15 March, in Cologne, Germany.

Product manager Cedric Vallet will present our solutions for gas turbine filtration at the FILTECH Technical Seminars on 15 March.

During the trade show, we will also introduce a new product for industrial applications. The new product will be the second from our Trinitex® Advance platform.

The first product introduced from the Trinitex® Advance platform was the W3000, which combined EPA efficiencies while delivering highest protection of the gas turbine in all demanding environmental conditions.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Trinitex® Advance

Delivering pure air for power, Trinitex® Advance is an ingredient technology designed to purify air for industrial filtration applications.

Demands for pure air in industrial markets, for example in gas turbine filtration, have increased and Trinitex® Advance has been designed to meet all key market requirements for gas turbine filtration.

  • Advanced protection
  • Advanced performance
  • Advanced efficiency
  • Advanced durability

Join us in Cologne. To book a meeting with our sales team or to receive free entry to the expo, please contact the company via the enquiry form.