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Contec Acquires Scherer Filterbau

Scherer Filterbau, formerly Friedrich Scherer Filtergeräte, has been acquired and merged into Contec® (Bad Honnef). The company, which was established in 1973 and is specialised in the construction and design of plastic filter housings, now forms part of the Contec organisation.

Contec hopes that the merger will result in a much stronger position in the market of chemicals and water treatment. Scherer Filterbau complements the product portfolio of Contec with its expertise and competence in the construction of filter housings for the separation of solids out of acid liquids or as pre-filtration of reverse-osmosis systems. The existing market shares are expected to be secured and expanded. Current and future potential, above all in the sales of liquid and gas filter systems, is to be exploited.

Both companies have had a partnership for more than 20 years and have cooperated on numerous occasions and for several projects.

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