Oil PRCOMS comprise of a side-channel blower and the filter housing containing the filter elements. The side-channel blower causes negative pressure in the filter housing, into which the air containing oil mist is sucked.

The air flows through the inlet pillar tube into the cavity in the filter housing and through to the filter elements. Here the fine oil droplets in the air are retained in the element and the air current carries them to the surface.

The filter elements have been designed specifically for cleaning exhaust air. contec Microfiber disposable filter elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drops and, being 90%+ void (pore) volume, boast an open-cell quality that gives a very long service life. The elements are self-sealing and easily sealed into the housing via axial compression with an integrated special tie rod.

The special two-layer construction consists of an integrated supporting inner layer sandwiched between two bound outer layers. This design provides excellent bursting strength, optimises coalescing of the droplets and guarantees long-lasting, highly efficient removal of the oil aerosols. Since the filter elements comprise of
several layers, extracted oil mist is prevented from being blown back through the elements.

The oil separated by the filter elements runs down along the outer surface of the elements to the bottom of the housing. It is collected in the ring space around the base of the filters. From here the purified oil is transported to the oil reservoir through the oil outlet and the connected oil hose. The inorganic composition of the filter elements is fully inert to all lubricating matter and virtually resistant to all chemicals in the air.