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Filtrair is a technology-focused company with high-end solutions for different applications and forms a part of the US-based Filtration Group Limited headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Filtrair has been active in air filter media manufacturing since 1965 and has become a leading producer of air filtration products, driven by innovation and customer focus.

The rigid pocket filters of Filtrair are well-known products in the market with high-performance properties. Unique hydrophobic-treated air filters by Filtrair are the ideal solution for any environment with water droplet aerosol or high-humidity.

Filtrair Drop Safe® filters

Filtrair Drop Safe rigid filters (G4-M5-M6) serve as very efficient pre or final filters in air intake systems of combustion engines, in any environmental condition (including offshore, marine) and in any climate (including tropical).

They efficiently remove airborne particulate matter but also snow, mist and fog, acting as a filter and a coalescer in one. DS rigid filters are specifically designed for the elimination and drainage of freewater and airborne salt crystals and protect final filters from dust, salt and water. This prolongs the life of the final filter and increase the operational safety and lowers the energy costs.

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters (G4-M5-M6-F7) are developed for gas turbines, compressors and turbomachinery for intake air, as well as exhaust or recycled air. They are typically installed in industrial installations with stringent requirements to withstand high airflow and high-pressure loads, as well as high dust concentrations.

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters are synthetic fibre-based filters developed and manufactured at Filtrair’s own high-tech media plant. The filter medium is constructed from selected high-performance fibres in a progressive density multi-layering technique to ensure high-depth loading with the optimal lowest pressure drop performance.

This results in long filter life, high fractional efficiency combined with high-dust loading and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Filtrair hydrophobic media line

Filtrair has a unique hydrophobic media line suited for GT Cartridge Wrap Pre-Filters, specifically designed to act as low-pressure drop pre-filters for pleated pulse-jet cartridge fine filters of combustion engine air intake systems.

They significantly prolong the pulse-jet cartridges’ life and increase their operational safety. They are easy to install and change, cost-effective and have a coalescing function in case of high-humidity.

Filtrair TMV rigid compact final filters

Filtrair TMV serve as highly efficient final filters in air intake systems of combustion engines for any environmental condition. They are available in filter classes M6 to F9 (EN779) to E11 (EN1822) and remove any airborne particulate matter, including submicron one, providing full protection of the turbines key components from fouling, corrosion and erosion. TMV filters are specially designed for gas turbine air-intakes, high-performance and safety demands by having:

  • 18m² or 30m² high-efficiency Microfiberglass medium
  • Fully PU potted, leak-free all plastic frame (incinerable)
  • Face guards for protection against handling damages

Drop Safe (DS) Rigid Pocket Filters

Drop Safe (DS) Rigid Pocket Filters are specially designed for the elimination and drainage of free water, such as fog, and airborne particles, including salt crystals.


The Filtrair HSB-300 G4 and HSP-500 M5 hydrophobic pre filter media are uniquely suited to protect higher efficiency canister filters during seasonal increases in dust concentration such as fibers, seeds and other large particulate.

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