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Filters for Turbo Gas Plants


MGT’s full range of filters for turbo gas plants been designed especially for high-performance, cost reduction management and significant savings of electricity.

The MGT srl has specifically conceived, designed and produced a series of filters for gas turbine installations designed to increase the efficiency of the turbine, reducing system management costs and greatly increasing the savings in electricity.

The cost of clean air continues to increase

The choice of filter to use is vital to save energy.

It is well-known that the operating costs of a gas turbine are significant. The average energy cost of the filters is 30% of the total cost.

The choice of a suitable filter for example our TURBOMAXPOL with filtering efficiency F9.

Leads to significant savings, while maintaining a very high level of quality.

Each Pascal additional loss of load leads to an increase of €1 on energy costs then 1Pa = €1.

A difference of pressure loss of 100Pa increases the turbine efficiency of 0.2% and at the same time, reduces the consumption fuel of 0.1%.

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