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Mist Elimination Internals for Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Separation

OMEGA SEPARATIONS is an Antwerp, Belgium-based company that specialises in the design and fabrication of internals used in gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation.


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OMEGA SEPARATIONS is an Antwerp, Belgium-based company that specialises in the design and fabrication of internals used in gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation.

The company’s wide range of mist elimination internals for the power industry includes wire mesh, demisters, mesh pads, knitted mesh, vane packs, and vane-type inlet devices. OMEGA SEPARATIONS also supplies liquid distribution baffles, plate packs, and coalescer pads.

Wire mesh and vane pack mist eliminators for gas-liquid separation

Wire mesh mist eliminators are internal components such as mesh pads, demisters, and knitted mesh that are used in gas-liquid separation. They are made from knitted wire and have specific characteristics to optimise the efficiency, pressure drop and dimensions.

Eliminators are available in any shape or size and are produced using a wide range of metals or plastics. They can also be co-knitted using both these materials.

OMEGA SEPARATIONS designs plate packs for liquid-liquid applications in parallel or corrugated configurations.
The company provides vane packs used for gas-liquid separation processes as well as both vertical and horizontal gas flow facilities.
The vane pack mist eliminators are designed according to the direction of gas flow and can be deployed in facilities where fouling / plugging is expected.
OMEGA SEPARATIONS' vane packs have valuable collection efficiency and can be used in low pressure drop and vacuum applications.
The company has a selection of vane-type inlet devices used for the separation of bulk liquids.
OMEGA SEPARATIONS designs wire mesh pads that are made from knitted wire and improve pressure drop, as well as separation efficiency.
Wire mesh pads are used for gas-liquid separation in the power industry and are manufactured using high-quality metals and plastics.
Wire mesh pads can be produced in many shapes and sizes, with high collection efficiency, and benefit from a number of fast delivery options.

OMEGA SEPERATIONS’ wire mesh internals ensure low pressure drop and have a high collection efficiency. These products can be installed at a low cost and shipped immediately.

Vane pack mist eliminators are used in gas-liquid separation, and sometimes as pre-separators when solids or viscous liquids are present in the flow. They are assembled as banks of parallel vane profiles.

The eliminators are available in a wide range of designs depending on the direction of gas flow and the complexity of the profiles.

The vane pack mist eliminators are suitable for both vertical and horizontal gas flow and have good collection efficiency in low pressure drop and vacuum applications. They are also suitable for higher liquid and gas loads, as well as applications with a significant risk of fouling and/or plugging.

Vane-type inlet devices for pre-separation of bulk liquid

The company has created several types of inlet devices that reduce momentum, which are designed for use in the pre-separation of bulk liquid.

OMEGA SEPARATIONS vane-type inlet devices allow feeds to pass through vessels without exerting force on the solid surface. The products reduce the chances of liquid shatter and create a more ideal flow through the system by taking away surface tension from the liquid.

The devices minimise liquid entrainment from the sump and ensure that the fluid is constantly distributed towards the downstream equipment. The vane-type inlet tools also decrease droplet scatter.

The tools have the ability to reduce vessel length and enable capacity increases through existing inlet nozzles.

Wire mesh coalescers and plate packs for liquid-liquid separations

Wire mesh coalescers are provided by OMEGA SEPARATION for liquid-liquid separation.

In order to create a maximum surface area for droplets to merge, the coalescers often consist of a combination of wires and fibers that are constructed using two different materials to enhance separation. This includes hydrophilic (metal) and hydrophobic (polyester) substances.

Studies show that there is an improved coalescence effect at the connection point between both materials, which significantly strengthens coalescing efficiency.

OMEGA SEPERATION also designs and manufactures plate packs for liquid-liquid separation. They are produced in a series of parallel or corrugated plates and can be used to boost gravity separation as much as possible.

The parallel plate packs are particularly useful in fouling conditions, but have marginally lower efficiency compared to corrugated plate packs.

Numerous plate spacings are used in combination with vane angle variation in order to manage varying flow conditions.

Specialist engineering and optimisation services for separation equipment

OMEGA SEPARATIONS has a highly qualified NBN EN ISO 9001:2008-certified team that concentrates solely on gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation.

Its separation specialists offer clients the best solutions for existing problems, while also providing affordable and competitive apparatus replacements.

The company delivers a comprehensive customer service and carries out high-quality engineering services such as process and mechanical design and drawings, commercial solutions, production, as well as fast shipping with short lead times.

OMEGA SEPARATIONS has extensive experience in handling tight deadlines and quickly helps customers with vital separator replacements or repairs due to its local presence. Its team is also able to fabricate wire mesh pads in two days in scenarios that require fast delivery.

The company’s broad involvement in manufacturing internals for separation applications, allows OMEGA SEPERATIONS to offer professional technical advice and custom-made equipment designs. It handles a wide variety of separation problems, primarily those related to changes in process conditions, de-bottlenecking, and sub-optimal equipment layout.

The company also provides expert assistance with feasibility studies and process designs.

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