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How to Properly Design a Mist Eliminator?

If you look on the web, you will find a lot of articles and information about the basic rules to follow to design a mist eliminator… But is it so ‘simple’?

The Souders-Brown equation commonly used for mist eliminators is still applicable in the design.

But a lot of other factors must be taken into consideration in the selection of the kind of mist eliminator (mesh pad, vane pack, cartridge…) and the type (or model) to use.

Also, it is important to check some other parameters to be sure that the selected type of mist eliminator will work properly:

  • Application, detailed process conditions, nature of the gas and the liquid, flow rates, inlet droplets distribution… are so many factors that have a big impact on the design.
  • Position of the mist eliminator in the vessel / drum, distance between inlet nozzle and mist eliminator, presence of other internals, distance between the mist eliminator and the outlet nozzle, position and dimensions of the manway, position and dimensions of the inlet and outlet nozzles… are also very important in the study of the separation.
  • The requested performance of the mist eliminator (efficiency, pressure drop) has an impact on the choice and dimensions of the mist eliminator.

As you can see, the design of a mist eliminator needs to be made in a professional way.

Omega Separations is specialised in the fabrication but also in the design of mist eliminators. We use several tools when designing our internals to check all these parameters to offer the best technical solution to our customers and to be sure that the mist eliminator will properly work.

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