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Aggreko Supports Tunisia to Secure Summer Power Supplies

Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control services has delivered a 120MW temporary power package to Tunisia to help consolidate and secure local power supplies during the peak of the 2013 summer.

The additional generation capacity was placed at strategic locations across the country for a period of two months, to act as a back-up for the Tunisian grid.The Aggreko plants helped ensure a consistent and reliable power supply throughout the summer when energy demands were at their highest.

The contract, awarded by the Société Tunisienne D’Electricitié et du Gas (STEG), saw Aggreko install four separate power plants of 30MW each at Enfida, Mateur, Bouficha and El Jem. With enough capacity to supply more than 190,000 Tunisian households, the Aggreko solution helped to ensure a continuous supply of power to major population and industrial areas, while also supporting key tourist centres vital to the Tunisian economy.

Christophe Jacquin, managing director of Aggreko North and West Africa, said: "This project highlights Aggreko’s ability to not only provide large and complex power solutions to our customers but also our ability to do so both rapidly and for relatively short periods of time. The tactical use of temporary power to address seasonal energy shortfalls is a valuable option for our large utility customers, as it allows them to maintain critical supply while taking the steps to address the gaps in their generation and supply networks."

"To be able to mobilise and commission 120MW of power spread over four separate locations in less than two months is an impressive achievement," commented David Taylor-Smith, regional managing director of Aggreko Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"The ability to supply such large scale projects in such short timeframes is unique to Aggreko, and is a testament to the experience and professionalism of our engineering and technical teams."

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