Expo 2012 will take place in Yeosu – South Korea – between May 12 and August 12, 2012. The theme is ‘the living ocean and coast’, continuing on from Zaragoza, Spain year 2008 Expo.

The site has the geographical advantage in being adjacent to the ocean, and thus ideal for accentuating the Expo theme, ‘the living ocean and coast’. The site overlooks Hallyeosudo Marine National Park and Odong Island, and is surrounded by 317 small islands, having the perfect natural conditions to make the Expo’s theme come alive.

The Yeosu Expo will provide an opportunity to enhance the international community’s perception of the function and value of the ocean and coast, to share knowledge on the proper use of the ocean and coast and to recognise the need for cooperation in the marine sector. It also serves as an excellent venue to learn about current achievements and future developments for the marine sector. Moreover, it offers a valuable chance to promote state-of-the-art marine science and technology along with industry.

Marelli Motori – with more than 120 years of experience – has welcomed this invitation to attend the Expo with innovative solutions that will be presented, covering marine requirements and energy production from renewable sources. Marelli Motori is honoured to be in South Korea, a global leader in the current and future world economy.

Our goal is to share our international experience and present innovative and eco-friendly solutions, such as tidal energy, marine and hydroelectric electrical machines.

Service monitors, technical seminars and B2B meetings will take place in the Italian Pavilion to expand on these topics with our visitors and guests.

Marelli Motori is supporting the arts by sponsoring a concert to be held in Yeosu on June 10, the ‘Quartetto di Sassofoni dell’Accademia’. Yeosu 2012 will be a unique opportunity to bring the ‘made in Italy’ brand to the world’s attention through Marelli Motori: a global company committed to technological excellence together with respect for the natural resources.