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Cranes, Lifting Equipment and Crane Services

Konecranes is a world-leading group of lifting businesses, serving a broad range of customers, including all types of power plants, manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals.

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Konecranes is a world-leading group of lifting businesses, serving a broad range of customers, including all types of power plants, manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals.

We provide productivity-enhancing lifting solutions as well as services for lifting equipment and machine tools of all makes. In 2011, group sales totalled €1,896m. The group has 11,700 employees at 609 locations in 47 countries. Konecranes is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

For every type of power plant, Konecranes provides materials handling solutions. From a traditional coal-burning operation, to a waste management centre, or a nuclear facility, we understand your needs; wind turbines are a particular speciality. With longer uptime and greater efficiency, more power is produced and safety is improved with Konecranes machinery in place.

Specialised cranes for power production

We make a range of tailored cranes that we adjust to meet your specific needs; for example, a coal handling crane with a clamshell bucket, or a polar crane to manage the building and decommissioning of equipment in the containment dome of your nuclear facility.

Our tXN electric chain hoist has been specially designed for a wind turbine. Its compact size, light weight, and fast hoisting speed make it ideal for the unique conditions inside a turbine nacelle.

Standardised cranes for power plants

For other tasks in your plant, we have more standard cranes. Our turbine hall crane helps you install and adjust your valuable turbines, generators and auxiliaries accurately. Choose a SMARTON® crane for maintenance, and a CXT® crane or equivalent for your workshops. Jib cranes and monorails are ideal for your smaller lifting tasks.

Smart solutions for operating cranes

Our unique smart solutions make operating our cranes practically child’s play. With advanced features, such as sway control, adjustable working limits, and target positioning, your load goes exactly where you want it. Safety and precision are assured.

Crane maintenance and repair

We do not just sell you a crane and forget you; we aim to enter into a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable cranes. Konecranes has the skills and international resources to ensure repairs and replacements are carried out quickly and efficiently every time.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting makes the real usage of your crane available through a remote connection. We provide you with data that can help you increase the safety of your crane usage, optimise your maintenance spending, and plan your crane modernisation needs with greater confidence based on actual usage information.

Market-leading lifting solutions

With more than 1,000 power plant cranes delivered worldwide, we are the lifting brand you can trust. Both our tailored and standard cranes are efficient and long-lasting. They will improve your safety record and lower your overall costs.

We understand the special needs of the power industry, and can offer you a product and service package to your complete satisfaction.


Biomass: a new heat plant in Lithuania.

Konecranes Releases White Paper on Power Technology

Konecranes serves the special needs of the power industry, providing material handling solutions for every type of power plant, from industrial cranes for workshops to explosion-proof cranes for hazardous environments.

Benefit From the Power of Information

Konecranes has released a new white paper on Power Technology about TRUVIEW, which is a remote data monitoring service the company has developed.

Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC)

The Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC) is an arch-shaped structural shelter being built to confine the radioactive material at Chernobyl Unit Four, protect the existing temporary object shelter (sarcophagus) from weather damage, and enable the decommissioning of Unit Four.

Libyan Generator Orders Power Plant Crane

Algec, formerly Alstom GEC, has ordered a Konecranes SMT Smarton crane for one of Libya's largest power plants, the Western Mountain Power Plant Libya. The contract is worth €450,000 and will be delivered in April 2013.