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Lifting and Transportation Equipment for the Wind Turbine Industry

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Liftra is specialised in the lifting, transportation and handling of heavy components within the wind turbine industry. We are familiar with both components and their route through production to on-site installation and maintenance.

Tailor-made lifting and transportation equipment

Many lifting and transportation tasks are solved successfully using standard equipment – but for special tasks you need a competent partner to deliver a tailor-made solution.

It is essential that your tailor-made equipment is well-suited for the job and lives up to high standards on safety and documentation. You will experience that Liftra is a professional and competent partner, which provides the market’s best services and products for special transportation and lifting tasks.

Lifting and transportation services for the wind turbine industry

Liftra is recognised by the international wind turbine industry as a professional specialist in lifting and transportation solutions. We guarantee excellent engineering services in this field.

Solutions developed in cooperation with Liftra respect the practical context for its application. We view task and solution in a broad perspective to develop solutions that are technically and economically attractive.

Our daily engineering work builds on professional skills in:

  • Project management
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Machine design
  • Hydraulics and electromechanical systems design
  • Solid modelling / 3D CAD
  • PLC programming and software simulation
  • Manufacturing technology and production preparation
  • Documentation

Davit cranes

Liftra is one of the major suppliers of davits for the offshore wind turbine industry. Liftra davit cranes are durable offshore service cranes that can be mounted on the base of offshore wind turbines to lift tools and spare parts from supply boats. They are also certified for personal rescue. Liftra davit cranes have a 20+ year lifespan thanks to hot-dip galvanisation and the use of nylon on the contact surfaces.

Gantry carriers

Liftra gantry carriers deliver safe and efficient handling of components. As an alternative to large trucks and cranes that often require reloading, the LT gantry carrier works in all areas inside and outside within a minimum of driving space.

Liftra’s 80t and 90t LT gantry carriers move any component that can be lifted in one point. They can reach over a flatbed truck, to load and unload. They are battery-driven, which makes the noise emission extremely low, and allows the carrier to drive inside the factory.

Tower stacking frames

Liftra tower stacking frames minimise the space between stacked tower sections by the use of a low and a high frame and, when necessary, a medium frame. A frame fits diameters from Ø 2.3m – 4.6m and up to 66t, and all flange types, from M27 to M60. The advantage is quick assembly and excellent flexibility.

Liftra tower stacking frames can be produced as a standard product or can be modified to client specifications, in cooperation with Liftra’s team of skilled engineers.

Custom yokes for wind turbine components

Liftra offers custom yokes for all wind turbine components: blade, hub / rotor, nacelle and tower. For example, Liftra’s 22t lifting yoke blade is a lifting yoke for handling 61.5m blades during the assembling and disassembling of blades.

In addition to lifting yokes, Liftra provides rotor yokes, bridge yokes, hub yokes and vacuum yokes. Visit Liftra’s website to find out more about these products and many others in the range.

Hywind Pilot Park, Aberdeenshire

Touted to become the world's biggest floating wind farm, Hywind Pilot Park will be situated at Buchan Deep in the North Sea, approximately between 25km and 30km off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Rush Creek Wind Farm, Colorado

Construction of the Rush Creek wind project, the biggest single-phase wind generating facility in North America, is expected to commence in May 2017.

Ventika Wind Farm

Ventika Wind Farm is a 252MW wind farm being constructed by a consortium of Fisterra Energy, a subsidiary of Blackstone Energy Partners, CEMEX and other private investors.

Hornsdale Wind Farm, Jamestown

Hornsdale Wind Farm is a 270MW wind power project being developed between 8km and 24km north of Jamestown in the locality of Hornsdale, South Australia.


Karlskogavej 12

9200 Aalborg SV