The combined product and process technologies from Schenck Process are able to handle a wide variety of raw and processed materials using mechanical or pneumatic conveying methods or a combination of both, depending upon the application. Therefore, Schenck Process can act as an ‘ombudsman’ for clients to advise on the most suitable system for thier requriements.

The market-leading pneumatic conveying technology from Clyde Process, part of the Schenck Process group, provides systems that efficiently handle bulk materials within a production plant with very high levels of reliability and minimal plant downtime.

By using Dense Phase pneumatic conveying, difficult materials that are abrasive or friable are transported in a plug form at very low velocities which ensures minimal wear on the pipes and bends to give a long life of the installation and does not degrade the material during the conveying cycle. Systems are available for material temperatures up to 450° C, flow rates of over 300t per hour and for distances up to 2.4km, depending upon the material, all in a single pipeline.

Schenck Processs pneumatic conveying technology ensure that materials are moved without creating any dust to maintain a clean working environment both internally and externally to the plant which has significant operating benefits compared to alternative conveying methods.

Mechanical conveying solutions are based on the world renowned Redler en-masse conveying technology primarily using chain conveyors. However, the full range of mechanical handling solutions are available from Schenck Process such as Belt Conveyors, Tube Conveyors and Bucket elevators. These machines are designed for the high capacity loads required and with extensive industry experience Schenck Process are able to provide systems and process flows that increase the efficiency of bulk material handing operations. The range of mechanical conveying options each has advantages depending upon the materials and the distances that are required to be conveyed.

Schenck Process are able to advise clients on the best bulk materials handling solution that can be provided based on the wide range of industry knowledge and material testing that the company has. As experts in pneumatic and mechanical conveying, Schenck Process are in a unique position to offer clients the most efficient and effective method of transporting materials to enhance the plant and process efficiencies.