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Introducing Duralife®: A New Standard in Premium Hammers for Mining and Power

Our industry-leading crushers such as the Pennsylvania Crusher Reversible Impactor, generate fewer fines and consumes less horsepower per tonne than hammermills.

In order to maintain the safety and efficiency of your crushers, make sure to use our TSG precision OEM parts. Now, TerraSource is taking this efficiency to the next level with our Duralife® premium hammers with longer wear life and higher shock resistance.

New materials, stronger performance

Specially advanced alloys optimise wear resistance and toughness. TerraSource’s new Duralife premium hammers are engineered with advanced alloys that minimise the potential for cracking in particularly challenging applications.

If customers are looking for eXtra Performance, look no further than the Duralife XP, which adds a custom-engineered hardfacing to the hammers, which can double wear life compared to chromoly steel.

Our most advanced hammer-material composition on offer is the Duralife® AP – “Advanced Performance.” Our premier brand of high-performing precision hammers, the unique Duralife line blends patented, metal-matrix materials into specific high-impact areas of the hammer to provide greater resiliency than brittle, bi-metal parts. These enhancements can get customers up to 4x longer wear-life than third-party products.

Don’t risk using anything but the best parts for your crusher. Reach out to your local sales representative or contact our customer service team via the enquiry form.

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