Air Intake for Gas Turbines in the Rumaila Power Plant to Iraqi National Grid

rumaila-power-plantCTM Ambiente has designed and implemented the supply of six complete air intakes for the Rumaila combined cycle power plant. Each gas turbine has a power of 180MW. The first unit was synchronised with the Iraqi national network on 9 June.

Rumaila power station is located in the proximity of the city of Basra, in southern Iraq, in one of the most sandstorm-exposed areas of the planet.

The air intake is a self-cleaning type with a pulse jet system with a pre-filtration section of accumulation type, to maximise the lifetime of high-efficiency filters.

The air flow rate is about 1,600,000Nm³/h for each unit.

The system includes two pre-filtration stages of accumulation with efficiency G3 and M6 according to ISO EN 779 and one stage of self-cleaning filters with efficiency F9 according to ISO EN 779.

The pressure loss is very limited because the filtration speed has been kept very low.

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