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Anti-Vibration and Shock Mounts, and Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Components

GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic (GMT) is a worldwide leader in the design and production of anti-vibration mounts and rubber-to-metal bonded components for the power generation industries.

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GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic (GMT) is a worldwide leader in the design and production of anti-vibration mounts and rubber-to-metal bonded components for the power generation industries.

With more than 40 years’ experience, GMT provides a complete line of components and system solutions to reduce noise, and withstand shock and vibration in applications such as large offshore wind turbines, genset mounts, and special material compounds formulated for the nuclear industry.

Anti-vibration mounts for renewable energy applications

GMT supplies products to most major manufacturers of small and large-scale wind turbines, offshore wind turbines, wave and tidal power generation installations, combined heat and power (CHP) and solar-powered equipment. Typical products include:

  • Gearbox mountings, e.g. large half-shell bushes
  • Generator mountings
  • Main shaft bushes
  • Control module mounts, e.g. buffers, triflex mounts and cone mounts
  • High-deflection shock mounts, e.g. cable mounts

Vibration isolation products for industrial applications

Vibration isolation solutions are available for general industrial applications such as pumps, fans, grinders, compressors and engines. Typical products include triflex mounts, cone mounts, machine feet, buffers / bobbins, isolators, spherical bearings, H-mounts, control links, torque arms and interleaf springs.

GMT offers renewable energy anti-vibration products.
GMT provides anti-vibration mountings and rubber-to-metal bonded components for the power generation industries.
A typical wind turbine gearbox installation using GMT's large half shell bushes.
GMT's products incorporate captive and failsafe designs, and are capable of withstanding overloads while operating safely.
Natural and synthetic rubber compounds have been developed to withstand extreme operating environments.

High-deflection shock mounts

A wide selection of purpose-built mountings are available from GMT that offer a high level of high deflection, which is perfect for cutting the number of transmitted shock loads in sensitive equipment such as wire rope or cable mounts.

In addition, mountings are particularly useful for low-frequency applications that might be losing intensity.

Anti-vibration mounts for compressors and generators

GMT supplies a variety of anti-vibration mounts that can isolate vibrations. These products are particularly suitable for applications in the power industry such as generators, engines, compressors and pumps. If required, mounts can be supplied with adjustable heights, with use on mobile application also possible thanks to internal overload limiters.

Captive and failsafe purpose-designed products for the power industry

GMT manufactures products that feature failsafe designs and are able to operate safely even during overloads.

Should a customised application be required to meet specific demands, GMT provides an extensive design service that uses computer modelling techniques to analyse finite elements and multi-directional vibrations to create specialist solution.

GMT regularly reviews its products and processes to make sure environmental standards are met and materials for manufacturing are optimised to ensure customers have the best components and services available.

Natural and synthetic rubber compounds

The company has developed an extensive array of natural and synthetic rubber compounds that are capable of enduring extreme operations conditions, offering proven resistance to oils, wear abrasion, dramatic fluctuations in temperature, continued exposure to the sun, ozone, and salt. In addition, flameproof rubbers are available if required.

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