Pro-Acoustics Ltd delivers professional acoustical consulting services for industrial applications. The independent consulting company Pro-Acoustics was founded 2006 in Baden / Switzerland. Despite the youth of the company the team of acoustical specialists at Pro-Acoustics have collectively many years’ experience in the field of industrial acoustics, in particular power plant acoustics. Acoustical permitting, planning, design, support and measurements for the execution of power plant projects are the main products of Pro-Acoustics.


Pro-Acoustics has experience with the planning stages of power plants from both customer side and builder side and has been supporting permitting procedures for several plants. Pro-Acoustics has been involved with the assessment of residential noise emission requirements, feasibility studies and negotiations with local authorities.

For the planning and execution of new projects, extensions or retrofits it is often required to have a forecast for the noise emission of the scope at boundary lines or noise sensitive locations.

One output of the noise prediction calculation.
We provide acoustical permitting, planning, design, support and measurements for the execution of power plant projects.
Pro-Acoustics works with state-of-the-art tools for noise propagation.

Pro-Acoustics works with state-of-the-art tools for noise propagation. The specialists at Pro-Acoustics have many years’ experience in the field of noise propagation for industrial facilities. Measurements at industrial sites all over the world have resulted in a vast knowledge of noise emission of individual noise sources. The noise models have been verified at multiple sites so that the results are reliable.


Pro-Acoustics will support the execution of the power plant project throughout the complete project from planning to performance measurements. By staying with the project the specialists at Pro-Acoustics gains an overview of the history of the project which few others involved with the project have.

Pro-Acoustics offers support in all possible acoustical tasks. Furthermore, our specialists can help in the negotiations regarding noise with sub-suppliers. With the knowledge of most components at a power plant, as well as experience with many different sub-suppliers, Pro-Acoustics is able analyse the data from sub-suppliers to determine if it is feasible and correct.


Pro-Acoustics has the experience and the equipment to handle most types of acoustical measurements. The intention with all measurements Pro-Acoustics undertakes is to focus on the measured object and the target of the measurements. With a focus on the object and the target a reliable measurement method can be used and the correct analysis of the data is possible. In case that no available measurement method is available our specialists have experience with the development of new methods.

Standard measurements include acoustical guarantee measurements. More complicated measurements in Pro-Acoustics portfolio include intensity measurements and in-duct measurements. Pro-Acoustics has amongst other things developed a measurements method for reliable measurements inside exhaust ducts.


In the unfortunate case that there is an acoustical problem Pro-Acoustics can support the abatement of this problem. Our specialists have a problem solving approach to any task. With the long experience in the field and the right equipment most acoustical issues can be solved in a professional way. Pro-Acoustics is always focussed on finding the acoustically best and most cost efficient solution to an acoustical problem.


Pro-Acoustics has experience with acoustical product design and development for most types of industrial equipment. In the field of product development our specialists focuses on the detection of noise emission mechanisms of the product. These mechanisms are determined by means of understanding the process of the equipment as well as through measurements. The acoustical improvements suggested always takes into account the performance of the tool and the cost implications of the