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High-Quality Engineered Silencers for the Power Industry

Sound Technologies is the industry expert for engineered silencers that are specifically designed to mitigate tonal noise produced by large industrial fans. Designed locally in Michigan City, Indiana, and fabricated globally, tuned-dissipative silencers from Sound Technologies successfully reduce fan blade-pass frequency-related pure tones to acceptable environmental sound pressure levels.

The tuned-dissipative silencer from Sound Technologies is the most effective way to treat industrial fan noise problems because it:

  • Effectively reduces discrete tones while also providing broadband noise attenuation
  • Does not experience performance degradation even in dirty exhaust gas streams (maintenance-free)
  • Can be placed in a stack or in exhaust casings and transitions as part of new or retrofit projects
  • Can be fabricated out of various materials (steel and plastic) to meet project goals
  • Is available globally with lead-times that satisfy project requirements
  • Has decades of proven field experience and is technically accepted throughout the industry

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