Sound Technologies is an industrial acoustics company providing quality and innovative custom-engineered noise control products and systems to the power-generation, process and transmission industries. Sound Technologies has been providing industrial noise control products and systems for fans and gas turbine exhaust systems globally since 1991.

Noise control for industrial fan and power-generation projects

We can provide individual components or turnkey noise control for industrial fan and power generation projects. Below is a quick overview of the scope Sound Technologies can provide for various applications.

Simple-cycle noise control products

Sound Technologies offers a range of simple-cycle noise control products, including vertical exhaust silencers and stacks, horizontal exhaust silencers and casing, acoustical shrouds and barriers, enclosures, and GT intake silencers and filter houses.

Combined-cycle (HRSG) noise control systems

Our systems for combined-cycle (HRSG) noise control include the following:

Sound Technologies' stack silencers meet noise criteria while minimizing pressure drop.
Complete in-house engineering support and the latest software verifies structural integrity.
We design, engineer and fabricate noise control components.
Sound Technologies can provide retrofit noise control solutions.
Visit our website for a free noise-source calculator.
  • Vertical exhaust stack silencers
  • Horizontal exhaust duct silencers and casings
  • Horizontal inlet duct silencers and casings
  • Bypass silencers, stacks and casings
  • Acoustical shrouds and barriers
  • GT intake silencers and filter houses

Industrial fan noise control products

We also offer industrial (ID and FD) fan noise control products, including absorptive or tuned-dissipative discharge silencer systems, acoustical lagging and enclosures, and fan intake silencers and filter houses.

Acoustical panels, enclosures and high-performance pipe lagging

Our acoustical panels, enclosures and high-performance pipe lagging are engineered to meet the noise criteria required by each job. The specification will dictate the materials of construction and thickness for each design. The high-performance pipe lagging is ideal for reducing transmission noise from pipelines and the compressor stations that may be located near populated areas where noise levels may be of concern.

Sound Technologies has extensive experience with the major turbine and industrial fan brands of equipment, helping us provide quick turnaround on budgetary proposals to help you meet your project deadlines. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are only a call away to discuss the scope of any noise control project, anywhere.

Our upfront and honest acoustical design feedback ensures we meet your project goals and facilitates a mutually beneficial long-term partnership. Our customer base is dynamic and includes a long history of working with EPC firms, A&E firms, OEMs and consultants.

Industrial noise-source calculator

Visit our website to submit for a free noise-source calculator — keep it at your fingertips to help with making fundamental noise calculations.