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Blow-Off Noise Issues in a Ducting System

In a ducting system where high-pressure safety and relief valves are often installed, a common issue which can arise is blow-off noise.

These types of valves can create the highest possible noise levels when they open up, with sound power levels able to reach between 150 and 160 dB(a).

An authentic blow-off silencer is not a luxury product at TIO BV.  For blow-off noise silencers, a standard silencer solution is rarely possible due to the noise data, pressure, temperatures and often special media.

TIO BV has developed the MTHDS blow-off silencer models, with its custom adaptations having been applied worldwide for decades. Clients vary from large chemical multinationals, air treatment companies to compressor manufacturers.

Some silencers are supplied as a serial product to one of the world’ s leading compressor manufacturers.

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