The Importance of Choosing The Right Exhaust Material

Deciding on the material of an exhaust system and silencer is a key decision that will ultimately determine its lifetime.

One important question that must be answered during the selection process is whether to prioritise the exhaust’s commercial value or the standard of its functionality.

There are several properties of an exhaust that should be considered when choosing its material. Among those are:

  • Exhaust gas
  • Media composition and temperature
  • Internal pressure
  • External forces such as wind loads
  • Ambient conditions
  • Weldability
  • Visual aspects

TIO BV’s extended history and the experience it has gained in the engineering and manufacturing of exhausts means it can provide well-informed advice.

The company’s exhaust systems and silencers are used in a broad range of markets and applications, including in gas and diesel engines, sea water-injected exhaust systems, urea injected systems, compressors and fans. They have also been used on petrochemical plants and as chimney silencers and pressurised silencers.

TIO BV regularly manufactures its products using S235, P265, Corten, 15Mo3, SS304, SS316, SS310, SS904L and 254SMO. Several other materials have been used for previous projects as well.

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