High-Pressure Steam Blow-Off Silencer

Recently transported: a beautiful steam blow-off silencer for one of the world’ s leading oil and gas companies. The silencer measures roughly Ø1,000 x 4,000mm and will be used to silently unload a hig pressure steam system.

The order has a rather full scope with a built-in rainhood, supports, earthing bosses and lifiting lugs. Not to mention the ASME certified materials, ASME certified welding, broad NDT, special paint system, special taggings and complete manufacturing book.

Already since 1934 TIO BV is a leading manufacturer of industrial silencers and accessories for any application in energy, industry and marine markets. In this industry market, where strength and attenuation are often leading together with sometimes very special dimensional requirements we can design, manufacture and deliver the best fit solution.

The best reference: TIO BV is a direct supplier for several leading compressor, blower and engine manufacturers, offshore operators and oil and gas companies.

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