Six 10MW Gasengine Exhaust Silencers Destination USA

The final items out of a total of six large exhaust silencers are getting ready now. The stainless-steel DN900 resonance / absorption exhaustgas silencers will silence the exhausts of six 10MW gasengines serving a gas powerplant in the USA.

The picture on our website shows one of the silencers in the pickling area, where all our stainless-steel products are being treated after manufacturing. The 100m² pickling area is a.o. provided with a flashy, acidproof Ucrete floor, acid proof walls, and a special filter installation which enables us to re-use aproximaetly 95% of the flushing water.

In the foreground is a glance of the stainless steel inner parts for a series of thirteen DN300 ASME USTAMP compressor silencers: an entirely different market, but also for an application in the USA.

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