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TIO BV Offers On-Site Noise Measurement Service

TIO BV on-site noise measurement service is a regular part of the company’s business operations.

The firm can conduct detailed calculations and offer 3D engineering services. However, the on-site parameters can never be fully reproduced by software.

Ducting layout, the flow characteristics and temperatures influence the practical outcome. Therefore, TIO BV offers to execute on-site noise measurements.

In unsilenced situations, TIO BV measures the actual exhaust sound in practice and compares it with the client sheets. In silenced situations, the company determines if it reaches its theoretical noise reduction values.

For decades, TIO BV executes measurements on a regular basis in 1/3 octave detail on all types of installations, including engines, heaters, blowers, fans, compressors, blow-off systems, and more.

Last month, the company has taken the latest measurements on the roof of a large gas-engine-fired cogeneration greenhouse in the Netherlands.

TIO BV (Technische Industriële Onderneming), established in 1934, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial silencers and exhaust accessories for small, medium and large diesel and natural gas engines, as well as inlet and outlet silencers for any situation where gasses are flowing.

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