Ganz EEM has produced a mini hydropower plant, which is attached to a standard container. The new product is designed to meet the electricity needs of remote areas without a power grid.

The mini hydropower plant consists of a Francis hydraulic turbine, generator and control system (EMS). The generator provides a 400V, 50Hz three-phase electric current.

The main advantage of mini hydropower plants is that all the necessary equipment is mounted in a standard container and the system is ready for work after transportation to the setting place. To establish a mini hydropower plant, an intake valve, charge and discharge pipe and connection to the local network is necessary, so the production of electricity can be started a month after delivery. Management and control can be done via satellite.

Another promising innovative product, a turbine pump can service reservoirs and water utilities. When filling the reservoir, the equipment operates as a pump and, in a reverse mode, the turbine can produce electricity.

Director Ganz EEM Attila Szitar -Csanadi said: “Ganz has always been famous for its innovations.

“Our goal is a permanent, sustainable development, in response to fulfil new market needs with equipment which produces cheap energy.”