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Global Power Generation Services

Turnkey Plant and Equipment Service, Maintenance and Management

10418 New Berlin Road,
# 109,
Florida 32226,
United States of America

10418 New Berlin Road,
# 109,
Florida 32226,
United States of America

Global Power Generation Services (GPGS) is an independent turbine services company committed to supporting owners, operators and maintenance professionals. We offer a wide variety of specialized services, including inspection, evaluation and repair solutions for all types of industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and balance of plant.

We have nearly 12 years of successful projects and have engaged in more than 60 years of combined expertise and experience in servicing the needs of globally recognized power providers, plant owners and service organizations.

Power plant design, engineering and maintenance services

Our versatile abilities are sought-after in a number of industries and range from plant design, procurement, inspection, non-destructive testing, repair, maintenance, remanufacturing of gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and balance of plant to asset management and recovery, valuation, global marketing and project management.

Borescope inspection and remote-visual condition monitoring of turbo-machinery

Borescope inspection and remote-visual condition monitoring of turbo-machinery is performed by GPCS’s experienced inspection technicians, employing the most technologically advanced equipment. Technicians work with technical advisors to assure the industry’s most comprehensive and nonbiased reports.

Balance of plant inspections

Unsurpassed knowledge of rotating machinery and balance of plant inspection experience is one of our many value-added advantages. Experienced technicians work with cutting-edge industrial videoscope equipment to provide thoroughly documented inspections. Reports include digital photography and commentary.

Balance of plant inspections provide the real-time component condition required for advanced outage planning. Turnkey mechanical support that furnishes all the necessary inspection-access is available for every inspection.

Comprehensive reports are presented in computer email-friendly PDF formats and include high-resolution digital images. MPEG-type video and accurate defect measurements are often necessary and simple to distribute with our internet FTP / downloads.

Gas turbine inspection

Our gas turbine inspection services include:

  • Front to back – inlet through to exhaust
  • Baseline – annual and biannual
  • Predictive and preventive
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Condition monitoring
  • Compressor inspections – IVG, stator and vane, spacer and shim, blades, coatings and OVG / EGV
  • Combustion inspections – fuel nozzles, swirlers, liners / baskets, transition pieces, hardware and brackets
  • Turbine inspections – nozzles and diaphragms, partitions, vanes, blades and buckets, shrouds, seals, coatings and hardware

Steam turbine inspections

GPGS offers steam turbine inspections for components such as valves, diaphragms, blades and buckets, covers, spill strips, tenons, seals and packing, and condenser tubes.

Generator inspections

We provide generator inspections for stator bars and blocks; insulation and strapping; corona; field slot cooling passages; coil end-turns; and insulation migration.

Foreign object removal

We have a 100% success record in foreign object removal on radial seal pins, platform pins, tools and sockets, borescope plugs, combustion hardware and materials sampling.

Technical advisory services for the power industry

GPGS provides management and technical services, including technical consulting, parts sourcing, reverse engineering and quality assurance. We utilize an experienced cost-effective network of independent and OEM-qualified specialists to facilitate any service project’s critical path.

With satisfied clients such as GE Energy, Duke-Flour, uIndeck Energy, Southern Company, Florida Power & Light, Johnson Controls, NAES, Progress Energy and many others, our industry experience and technical skill sets in the power generation infrastructure in all applications is your preferred advantage.

Mechanical and on-site turbine and generator maintenance

GPGS has spent more than a decade in the field, providing the finest overhaul and repair service. We strike the perfect balance of technical and mechanical expertise during your planned outages, forced outages, system emergencies and scheduled preventive maintenance.

Count on GPGS to respond to your power generation requirements anytime and anywhere. We have satisfied our loyal clients on five continents with our on-site turbine and generator services and project management.

We have built our reputation on the ability to place the highest standards and quality assurance into all of our technical services.

Plant infrastructure asset management, conditioning, valuation and disposal

In the ever-growing need for industry asset control and investment recovery, GPGS is rising to the top in complete turnkey management of components, equipment and infrastructure with an individually customized ‘boots on the ground’ project plan.

With a strong track record of managing assets for global stakeholders such as Morgan Stanley, GPGS can step in and undertake all facets of plant infrastructure control, including component and equipment assessment, valuation, upgrading, de-commissioning, warehousing, international marketing, staging, disposal and global logistics.

Global Power Generation Services

10418 New Berlin Road

# 109

Florida 32226



United States of America