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Layher Allround Scaffolding: Improving Industrial Safety and Security for 40 Years

layher scaffolding

Layher has been committed to meeting the profitability, safety, and efficiency requirements of companies across a number of industries for over four decades.

The company meets the industry’s essential needs and offers near limitless usage by employing a few basic componentsmanufactured from various steel, aluminium and lightweight materials.

Safe and versatile

The safety demands and turnaround times required for building, extending, and maintaining mining plants makes the Allround System a natural choice for mining.

All steel components are hot-dip galvanized, durable, and low maintenance. System versatility provides solutions for working at heights and for temporary access applications.

Additionally, the Allround lightweight design and presorted shipping reduces transportation cost and accelerates assembly to improve profitability.

The Layher technical department stands ready to provide design solutions, optimizing material and human resources to deliver significant savings in labor costs.

Layher supplies and ships our products at a moment’s notice, with stock readily to meet your needs.

Assemble and construct plants with reliability, precision, and ease

Layher is an expert in supporting the assembly of crushers and other large mining equipment. The high load-bearing capacity of our parts, combined with their manufacturing quality, provides reliable solutions.

Additionally, Layher works in tandem with customer engineering departments to optimize equipment and provide the temporary structures necessary for the assembly of SAG grinding mills.

For reinforcing slopes, Layher equipment is adapted to the design and assembly of work platforms, providing solutions for working with shotcrete equipment and assuring the stability and resistance necessary to complete the task.

Layher Allround rolling towers and fixed towers form resilient work surfaces with quick assembly and disassembly, perfect for reinforcing underground mining tunnels.

For the assembly of circular tanks, Layher provides rapid designs with unique elements, such as the divided foot ledger, which allows a number of parts to be dispensed quickly.

Layher solutions also provide temporary access for specific requirements and stages of mining projects.

Layher aluminum, steel, and access stairways with stringer beams provide access to massive excavations, slopes, temporary installations, and structures under construction.

Maintain industrial plants with safety, versatility, and increased profitability

Planned maintenance is strategic and easy with pre-ordered Allround components and designs available to reduce uncertainty.
With sufficient onsite supply, non-scheduled maintenance is easily achieved with components ready to meet a variety of uses.

For belt conveyor maintenance, the Allround system is ready to adapt to height variations without compromising safety and resilience. Grinding mills are vital in the production chain, and therefore interventions must be quick and effective.

The Layher Allround system is ideal for this type of maintenance, since it can be assembled quickly and safely with the protection of fitters and users in mind. Mining ports are the distribution points for the product.

These installations require periodic maintenance with safer and resilient solutions; the Layher Allround system, thanks to its specially designed elements, enables this work to be carried out under the quay or jetty structure.

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